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Setup Canon Pixma TS3320

How to setup Canon Pixma TS3320 Printer

With its sleek design and its outstanding printing quality, the Canon Pixma TS3320 printer configuration amazes everyone. There are various colors for the printers. Our professional team offers you different print choices with quick printing configuration guidelines and guidance. You should call us to configure, mount and request a printer.

The Canon Pixma TS3320 configuration for the first time

  • Originally, remove the Canon TS to the printer package to taste the printer’s joy.
  • Then, eliminate all the content for covering around the device.
  • Finally, find the Canon T on a flat board.
  • Then attach the USB cable at an edge to the impressor as well as the mains adapter at some other end.
  • Switch the Pixma TS3320 device in just a few moments.
  • Drag the bowl out and put the documents inside the bowl.
  • Set up the documents correctly to prevent mistakes of paper jam
  • Therefore, placed the tin pellets squarely in their position and click.
  • Configure the Pixma TS3320 software packages and launch the ij.start.canon/ts3320.

Installation for the Canon Pixma TS3320 for the window

Follow the following instructions if you’ve had a CD to configure:

  • Control the Canon TS print first until installing the device.
  • Run and mount the setup CD on your Windows screen.
  • Press enter to install easily and assure you get all the data you want for installing your Pixma TS3320 printer, and afterward press Install
  • Read closely screening the terms and conditions.
  • Finally, pick USB as the attached form and attach the Port to a device via printer through the Canon T.
  • Switch on the Canon Pixma TS3320 then stay till the configuration is over.

Installation of Canon Pixma TS3320 for the Mac

The most recent Macintosh machine requires a printer driver from Canon Pixma TS3320 as that doesn’t endorse the CD.

Unless the CUP driver isn’t really autonomous, because when the Mac computer would have a DVD drive, consider the instructions below

Launch the Apps directory via the Mac Search tool to “install” the CUP package on the Mac device.

Click close mostly on the software directory to access the Apps folder as well as double the Utility.app disc folder.

To access the Cd / DVD image press the Folder icon in a Menu Bar.

The package users would like to install can be selected from this file.

Pick the object ISO disc folder and click to choose.

On a Mac computer, you can see a device upgrade kit.

To execute the install script, browse for the .dmg and then click two times.

How to setup wireless Canon Pixma TS3320 for window

Initially, put the Disk inside this DVD/CD player of the device and prepare for the initialization display to show.

Then press and confirm if the Canon Pixma TS3320 is working.

Validate the led light seems to be steady and tap to the right one

Click Attach with network button and then the following page, press Cable-Free Configuration.

Click and keep down the Wi-Fi printer unless you’re on the wireless Configuration Screen till the light flashes repeatedly.

Click the switch after lighting beams during the 2nd time

Check unless the blue light of Wi-Fi flashes rapidly and whether the green light bulb is stable.

After clicking Next on the next page, choose a location and afterward press Next, if a screen appearing to choose the area.

Also, select the address and press next once more

Choose a .exe or MP Latest drivers If you see the panel with the package installation collection.

Next press on next two screens and complete the wireless configuration protocol for the printer.

How to setup wireless Canon Pixma TS3320 for the Mac

After downloading the package, press it to install the tool via any browser to start the removal.

Installing the support program contains its password. Tap Setup Helper then type your password.

Stay before a preview screen is shown.

Click the Wifi Link button to verify whether the device is working as well as the battery appears to be steady.

Tap next, select link through network anywhere you want and now click restart.

After the next window pick wireless configuration, press the Wireless Fidelity logo on the printing device, and keep it until the orange beam glows twice.

Click the switch upon the second signal and verify if your Wi-Fi beam (blue) shines instantly. You will be taken towards the program setup Folder on Mac when you press Next.

Choose the .dmg installing packages and press yes throughout the end-user permission page.

Select Insert a printing machine and afterward select IJ canon network driver then press Insert now.

Press next to finish your wifi Mac configuration.

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